In the Thicket

"In the Thicket" is a proposed miniature golf hole that is essentially a study in the contrast of two distinct textures: organic/messy/natural terrain (found in the landscapes of 15th century Scotland - the original site of traditional golf) and the manicured, highly refined and mediated smoothness of a modern putting green. "In the Thicket" allows the tangled thicket mess to overtake and blur the boundaries of the pure putting green. Here, "the thicket" is imagined as two knotty, tousled bunches of organic material through which the player/miniature golfer must navigate. The potential ball paths themselves drift between the familiar, comfortable heel-tickle of astroturf and the bundled tangles of the garden's periphery. The player/miniature golfer could choose to hit through the thicket for a potentially more direct path, and for the chance at the ever-elusive "hole-in-one". Conversely, he/she could stick to the stubbly flat green turf for a higher stroke total.

{Collaboration with Christopher Field}